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  • Please be aware that if you instigate a stock gift it is crucial to have your broker initiate the gift on their end. Stock gifts can take 4-7 days to process.
  • Please be sure that gifts made toward the end of the tax year have plenty of time to close before the end of December.
  • If we receive a stock gift and the credits have run out we are NOT able to return the gift. The gift will still go to the school to fund scholarships and will still be eligible for the federal deduction but if credits are out you will not receive the 50% state tax credit.  Go here to check the amount of credits still available.
  • Please complete the form below in order for us to track the donation and ensure the gift is received.  Once the form is completed an email with the account and transfer numbers (LOA) will be sent to the email entered for the donor. Your broker will need those account and transfer numbers in order to initiate the gift to us.

Thank you!