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Donors who are 70 1/2 or older can give from their IRA using a Qualified Charitable Distribution and receive a 50% state tax credit on their gift!

Please consult a tax professional about your individual situation.


What makes this such a great benefit?

When you give using a QCD, your distribution is TAX- FREE so it isn't included in your adjusted gross income.  Not only can you give 100% of your distribution, but keeping your taxable income lower may have other tax advantages (like lowering your Medicare rates or reducing the taxable amount of your social security income).

Plus a 50% state tax credit?

That's right!  You receive an Indiana tax credit for 50% of the value of your contribution.  And your donation funds scholarships for Indiana K-12 students attending private schools.

You don't itemize? No problem!

Giving with a QCD allows you to use tax-free dollars for charitable giving, so you don't need to claim a charitable deduction.  Your QCD is a win for Indiana students, a win for your federal taxes, and a win for your state taxes too!

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The donation must come directly from your IRA custodian to Sagamore Institute (EIN 20-1161578) for the distribution to be tax-free.

Contact us or the institution that holds your IRA to get the process started!

Please scroll down and complete the form below to let us know that a gift is on the way.

Q:  Does this count toward my Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)?

A: Yes, according to the IRS, a QCD will count toward your required minimum distribution.

"I have written a check to this program in the past, but this year I gave from my IRA and the benefit was even greater.  They made the process so easy that I plan to do it again next year!"


Q:  Is there a limit to the amount I may gift through a Qualified Charitable Distribution?

A: The IRS allows a $100,000 maximum annual exlusion for QCDs.