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Resources for our Partner Schools

Use this communications toolkit to engage previous donors and to invite potential new donors to learn about the opportunity to give through the SGO.
Communications Toolkit

Toolkit Guide

Draft April 15 Email

Draft Back to School SGO Letter

Draft Letter to Potential New Donors

Draft SGO Year End Letter

Draft SGO Letter July 1

Donor Tri-fold – (this is the generic version – feel free to add the school logo to the front cover and add your school name as the option on the donor form)

Newsletter Blurb

General Donor Explainer Video

Customized School Video 2 (ask us to customize for you!)

Social Media Samples:

SGO Donation-Instagram/Facebook

Giving Tuesday- Instagram Story/Facebook Story

Giving Tuesday at Orchard Email Ask

50% Tax Credit -Instagram/Facebook

Open Door- Instagram/Facebook

New Donor- Instagram/Facebook

Celebrating Tax Day- Instagram/Facebook

Year-End Giving Leverage Option

Year-End Giving Leverage 2.0 Option


July 1 Appeal Example - Oaks

Oaks Academy Graduation Mailer

End of Year Appeal - Heritage (some graphics don't fully display)



Giving Tuesday Appeal - Greenwood Christian Academy

End of School Year Appeal - Oaks Academy 2021

One Page Explainer - Independence Academy 2021

We need more samples! We would love to add your ideas or sample communications.  Please send them to us at