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Greenwood Christian Academy has been using social media to appeal to donors around Giving Tuesday the last couple of years.  Here is an explanation of what they have done, and below are samples of the graphics that they have used.  NOTE: when posting on social media, refer to this guide to the best image sizes to use for various platforms. When mentioning the 50% IN Tax credit always use IN, Indiana, or state tax credit. Use a line like: "Receive a 50% IN tax credit"


"I started November 3 with a #GIVINGTUESDAY campaign on Facebook.  I posted almost every day until December 3 for people to tag, share, give to our school choice scholarships for GCA and receive a 50% tax credit...I also posted the GCA Choice Scholarships video that you had made to learn about how it works.  I boosted 2 posts that would target the greater Indianapolis area and it reached over 2,000 people."

#Giving Tuesday IS ALMOST HERE!
giving tuesdayclasspic