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"The SGO program with Sagamore has been a linchpin in our school's program of financial aid for our students.  We have been blessed with students and families who otherwise would not have been able to enroll." School administrator

  • Scholarships for Educational Choice currently partners with over 70 eligible schools across Indiana.  By law, eligible schools must meet certain testing and accreditation standards.
  • Our partner schools use this tool to help donors maximize the impact of their giving and to empower parents to make the best school choice for their child.

Click Here to download a  guide that explains the program in more detail.


Control and Flexibility

Partner schools are able to control the scholarship amount awarded to eligible students based upon their school financial assistance policy (minimum award amount is $500). SEC offers flexibility regarding the timing of disbursements and administrative demands of the school.

Assistance With Fundraising

In addition to providing fundraising collateral and toolkits designed to help schools with communications and donor events, SEC will provide counsel and  participate in fundraising initiatives for the school.

Efficient Administration

SEC collaborates with the school and optimizes online opportunities to provide an efficient award process for their eligible students and school office.


Scholarship Administration

  • Provide eligible families the opportunity to apply for the scholarships
  • Provide documentation that verifies eligibility
  • Certify enrollment and award amounts based on financial aid policies
  • Credit scholarship to student tuition accounts


Reach out to supporters and community to direct donations to the school's restricted fund at Sagamore Institute.  Work with SEC staff to encourage donations sufficient to fund scholarship needs.


Q: Do we have to offer vouchers (Choice Scholarships) in order to participate in the SGO program?

No.  While most of our partner schools do choose to participate in Indiana's state-funded Choice Scholarship program, it is not a requirement.  We can help you navigate the differences, and if you do take Choice Vouchers, the SGO program can work in tandem.  Click here for a link to the DOE website which provides more information on vouchers.

Q: Can we get help with fundraising for our SGO account?

Yes, we are happy to provide resources, coaching and participate in any fundraising events that you might have.  We have collateral material that explains the program, helpful tool kits for having donor events, and collaborative learning opportunities.

Q: How do we prove that our students are eligible?

If your school works with a third-party vendor like FACTS to verify financial information, we can access the information through FACTS with your permission.  Or, the school can provide the first page of the most recent 1040 tax return for each household.  We will work with you to make sure that we have all of the information needed to make a determination of eligibility for each applicant.

Q: What resources do you provide to help run the program at our school?

We have training, coaching, webinars, automated reports, a web portal and a written manual, all designed to help make this process as easy as possible for the school.  We would be happy to answer any questions you might have!