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"The impact that this school has had on my family and children is priceless. The environment of success has challenged them to be better. The extra care each staff/faculty member has taken to make sure my children are successful in and out of the classroom has been amazing."  Parent of scholarship student

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Eligible students are:

Enrolled in one of our participating schools

Residents of Indiana

Between the ages of four(4) and twenty-one (21), and enrolled in grades Pre-K-12. Students must turn 4 and be less than 22 by August 1.

Income eligible --- check the chart to the left for household income limits for the 2024-2025 school year*


*Income is determined by the adjusted gross income on the 1040 filed for the taxable year immediately preceding the date of application

*Students in foster care automatically meet the income eligibility requirement

Try our new tool for determining eligibility for an SGO or Choice Scholarship.

For more information, including how income is verified, please download our brochure for families.

Please contact the school for instructions on how to apply for scholarships.



Q: How do I apply?

If you are already enrolled in one of our participating schools, check with a school administrator. If you are enrolled in an independent school that is not already participating, please have them contact us.

Q: Are vouchers and “SGO” tax credit scholarships the same?

No. The Choice Scholarship Program, (commonly referred to as the voucher program), provides state funded scholarships to eligible Indiana students to offset tuition costs at participating schools. Tax Credit (SGO) scholarship are funded by private, charitable donations and awarded by a certified SGO.

Q: Who determines the award amount?

The award amount is determined by the school, consistent with their financial assistance policies. We work with the school to verify that students are eligible and to ensure that scholarships are awarded in a manner that does not discriminate.

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